Friday, February 4, 2011


Wow! How time flies! Didn't realise it's been a good 6 months since our last post! Lots has happened...that's why the incommunicado.
To fast forward, Richard starts daily school this year. He was attending mon/ wed/ fri for the last 2 years. We were worried he'd not be used to the rigour of daily school but somehow seems to be able to wake up in the mornings and actually stay awake during school hours! The first 2 weeks were tiring for him and he'd take an afternoon nap.
Due to a restructure of the school curriculum, he has more interaction with teachers, friends, therapists. He has PT ~3x, OT 1x, music 1x, pool therapy 1x/ he's well occupied with games, art, word/ picture flash cards.
There's a marked difference in his cognition over the recent months but we're wondering if it was due to the tumbledown the stairs which happened on 2 dec 2010 after his foot reflexology.It was raining heavily and Mum was carrying him down the walk-up apartment and when she slipped on the wet stairs she fell and had to let him go. He rolled down the stairs ~10 steps, with his head banging on each step till he landed on the last step with a loud thud! You can imagine the screams!
He was in shock, mum was in shock! His eyes 'rolled round and round' for 5 days and mum took 3 days to recover from the shock! With cuts, bruises, they rushed to the A + E for X ray and check up... Thank God it wasn't too serious. He's now got a bald patch on his head as a reminder of that fall.
So, may be some good came out of that fall and his verbal sounds and cognition improved because of the shock.
We have continued with ABR using the machine and he's becoming stronger, with him being able to lean forward on his own, his legs are moving more. Marita continues to do the manual and 'ball rolling' diligently daily.
Anyway, may we wish all our ABR friends a very happy, healthy and speedy improvement throughout this Bunny year. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO YOU!